Here is a review of my book Dream Poem by Marc Nash. He is a very strong reviewer ( watch his podcasts) and a writer himself. So I am so pleased he really liked my collection! He gave it 4 stars on Goodreads. The review will be on his April podcast as well.

Dream Poem
K.D. Rose (Goodreads Author)

Marc Nash’s review
Apr 22, 2018

I read KD Rose’s first collection “Heavy Bags Of Soul” which oscillated between quantum science and spirituality, but I feel this collection is far more focused and far more personal. The science is still there, but the human scale rather than the nebulous divine is far more in focus. Political poems, poems of rage about the indignities of ageing, poems about time all carry you off in contemplation of your own fate(s) ahead. The poem “Just Shy Of Eighty” about the poet’s hospitalised father craving a cigarette, because, well what difference would it make at his time of life? was particularly poignant.

From “The Immensity Of Moments” –
Time is the poetry of devouring. It eats at emotions with delicacy. Time wears a facade of lace doilies and proper table manners. Like frogs boiling in water, too late before you realize it, time devours all feeling from memory.

This was a stunning poem. I also really liked the opening poem, an homage to Ginsberg bleeding and dripping with assonance and a political urgency. And the poem “Who And What We Are” mixing our gross fleshy materiality with our higher, creative souls and the uneasy symbiotic relationship between the two in one’s art.

There are several poems expressing the impotency of the poet and artist to effect and serious change on the world, on our fellow man. There’s a poem for the death of the Artist formerly known as Prince, Nirvana & Joy Division – two bands whose lead singers took their lives – are also referenced.

The collection ends with an interesting essay, containing a key to this collection, “Slim volumes on the other hand—poetry is a key example— build vertically, with ever expanding circles, tangents, and some linear thrown in. Dense.” And finally a short story “The Empath” about seeing the emotional tinge of other people’s speech in colours betraying their true meaning.

All in all a strong collection.