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The first Dear Poetry Editor of 2018 introduces readers to Aditi Machado, poetry editor for Asymptote, an international journal of translation. This ongoing series offers readers insight on poetry and publishing from editors who shape the content in literary magazines and institutions around the world.

Machado is the author of Some Beheadings (Nightboat, 2017) and the translator of Farid Tali’s hybrid novella Prosopopoeia (Action, 2016). She is from Bangalore, India and currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

On Perspectives of Poetry

Poetry is untranslatable. It’s a notion that persists despite a long-desired increase in the visibility of translators, much astonishing advocacy work, and the multitude of journals and presses today that invest in translation. There’s always someone, inside or out, who thinks that a translated work isn’t “as good” as the original. Plenty of scholars who translate still struggle to convince tenure committees that their published translations are valuable. But translation…

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