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I won an Honorable Mention for New Millennium Writings POETRY Award. This means I did not win or make finalist but I did make honorable mention out of tons of people and poetry. The list is below. Waaaaaay down you will see K.D. Rose.   Also I have included a Wikipedia Blurb about New Millennium Writings. They are a very old established Poetry Magazine. This is very cool!




Austin Alexis

Kelly Anderson

Jacob Appel

Ellen Austin-Li

Judith Barrington

Michelle Bitting

Adele M. Bourne

Russell Boyington

Sarah Colby

Deborah Doolittle

Patricio Ferrari

Julia Gordon-Bramer

Kristy Gonzalez

Janet Greenberg

Neal Hall

Maeve Hitzenbuhler

Martha Hollander

Terry S. Johnson

Janet Joyner

Elise Kazanjian

Bud Kenny

Alexander King

Denmark Laine

Lee Landau

Devi Laskar

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

Maria Mazzenga

Michael Miller

Kathleen O’Toole

Malcolm Ogden

Pattie Palmer-Baker

Thomas Patterson

Erica Polevoy

K.D. Rose

Jeffrey Schneider

Molly Scott

Mara Adamitz Scrupe

Jane Springer

Jeff Walt

Vernon Waring

Suellen Wedmore

Laura Wisniewski

Sarah Wolbach

“New Millennium Writings is an American literary magazine published in Knoxville, Tennessee.[1] It is the second oldest literary magazine in Tennessee and has the largest circulation of any literary magazine in that state.[2][3] The magazine was established in 1996 by Don Williams, who currently serves as editor-in-chief. The magazine carries fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction by up-and-coming writers. It features profiles, interviews, and essays on famous writers, such as Cormac McCarthy, Joyce Carol Oates, John Updike, Ken Kesey, Sarah Cornwell, Shozan Jack Haubner, and others.[4] The Writer named New Millennium Writings the “breakthrough journal of the year” in 2008.[5] Work that has appeared in the magazine has been republished in the O. Henry Prize Anthology, Best New Stories from the South, and the Pushcart Prize collection.[6]

The magazine hosts semi-annual contests in fiction, very short fiction, creative essays and poetry. Among past winners are Robert Clark Young,[7] Laura S. Distelheim,[8] Morgan McDermott,[9] and Vivian Shipley’.[10]” -Via Wikipedia