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This is a worthy cause to think about and do more. The book they produced is to help their cause. I am putting up pictures of the book so readers can see. PS: Authors Professsional Co-Op is a Facebook Group I have belonged to for a long time and it consists of writers who are serious about their craft.
It is amazing the hard work people put into trying to save and help and aid. I am mindful and do what I can. I also often wish when I made more money that I was more cognizant of all the different charities, causes and things like this. Don’t think one person doesn’t matter. One person matters a great deal. Here is an update from one person who is helping in his own way. Besides what my husband and I do in person, I will do what I can, on this blog over time to help charities in need.-KD
Here is how to help, from Paul himself:

“These are the links to the anthology ‘Looking into the Abyss’

UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1539868923

USA https://www.amazon.com/dp/1539868923

Kindle Worldwide  http://authl.it/6bo


“I have no standard blurb for the book, just that 11 authors from around the world got together to help save the rhino, one story at a time, by helping raising funds for ‘Boots on the Ground’ the most dangerous anti-poaching operation in the world.”

there’s a little more on my website http://paulznewpostbox.wixsite.com/paul-white

and ‘boots on the ground’ has a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thebootsontheground/ .”


Just to keep all of you in touch with how things are progressing on the ground with the Rhino, here are a few photos.
We need to promote ‘Looking into the Abyss’, the sales are slow.
I have dedicated a double page to the book in the new edition of Conservation Redlist magazine.
“Boots on the Ground” in Mali with some of the most incredible people you ll find in Anti- Poaching Training…”

Photo credits: Nigel Kuhn

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 From Paul and his group: