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The day has finally come! BlazeVOX Journal Fall 2016 is out with two of my poems in it. Just click on the link to read tons of good poetry, fiction and much more! I am proud they accepted two of my works. So read away!  BlazeVOX Fall 2016 link is right here. Scan down to the names under poetry and you can click to read any of their poems. My name (KD ROSE) is there too- so click and read (You have to click this link here to the actual journal to read contents) http://www.blazevox.org/index.php/journal/  Oh- and you can also read my biography among the others at the end.


Table of Contents
Christien Gholson — Selling Magazines to the Joneses
Christine Andrada Henley — dry rubbing against
Dan Frazier — Flash
Patrick Chapman — The Rocket Curator
Sarah Estime — The Co.
Bridget McFadden — Bedtime Routine
August Evans— For Lorne
Skylar Abdeljalil — The Wing Collector
Whe Foedisch — Wooster
Frances Wiese — A Beautiful Joke
Text Art
hiromi suzuki  — Fugue
David Felix — Three Works
Creative Non-Fiction
Jake McCulley — Apophenia
Lia Gutierrez  — Language Oppression Expanded
Acta Biographia — Author Biographies