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Well, at least I can say I’ve made it to the top tier of rejection letters. I’ve had glowing accounts of my work, my voice, and the knowledge that it made it to the final round, but in all these cases, something just didn’t fit right for what they wanted.

Aghhh!  I’m glad I am working with someone on refining my work. I feel like its there in many cases ( there being should be published) but needs refining in others. It’s finding places whose “there” is the same as my “there” that’s hard.

Then there is the number of journals I am now reading. It helps immensely (just like they say) to read the journals you’re trying to get into. But neither are we all rich, so it comes down to picking a few to sample across the board ( * and never forget that many journals offer some parts free online and others even more online that you can read to get a sense of where you’re submitting.) I’ve found that it’s reading them over and over though across issues that really helps get a sense of a journal. So in the end its partially trying to fit what someone wants and partially keeping your own voice and style and finding quality fits.