I just had my first acceptance by a big Literary magazine! If you look at lists of the best Literary Magazines (online or print) this is one of them that is always on there. Non-writers may not have heard of it but believe me, it is a big deal for me!

My non-fiction piece “Literary Today: A Lens through Freeman’s Arrival” has been accepted by Word Riot!

07/28/2016 Literary Today- A Lens Through Freeman’s Arrival Word Riot – REVIEWS & INTERVIEWS Accepted

“Accepted” in green no less!  One of the most happy-making things a writer can see.

They’ve been in business since 2002. They like edgy.

To know what the title means you will probably have to read the piece rather than me explaining it all here. I’ll link to it/let everyone know when it comes out.

Word Riot Literary Magazine! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

This on top of the recent Poetry Breakfast acceptance makes me a very happy writer.