Drunk Off Rhetoric

Especially the uninspired, which unless you’re going through a writing streak (lucky you!), is most of us. Poets & Writers! Tin House! AGNI! Why should you care these magazines exist? Do you even care? I didn’t, once. But having since been liberated from sub-rock living, I’ve had the chance to read one clear and moving story after another, discover new writers, and learn about my own writing.

In general, writers who read books have a leg up on those who do not. Those reading-writers who read outside of one genre; the leg raises even higher. And those who read literary magazines; both legs fly in the air.  

I’ve mentioned before the value of reading work other writers are creating (and in turn, what publishers are currently reading) is priceless. Literary magazines are a world where short stories, poetry, and essays from emerging and experienced writers come…

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