her original post brought lots of comments and controversy and was also picked up on the passive voice. Here Kristen Lamb continues on in the same vein, explaining more of WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR! šŸ˜‰

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Too many choices! Too many choices!

Weā€™ve had an eventful week or so with my last couple of unplanned posts.Ā In all fairness, I did expect to get some knickers in a twist (which I did) with my post Pay the Writer. As a quick recap, I love used bookstores. They get a lot more of my money than I like to admit *looks up number to 12 Step Sponsor*

You donā€™tĀ understand. Half Price Books has books ZEN DOODLES. NoĀ frigging idea what those areā€¦just that I need some.

Iā€™m not against ā€œdiscoveringā€ an author there.

But writers? If we promote used bookstores, make sure to remind readers you donā€™t get paid that way. Discovery must serve a purpose. Exposure must have the follow-up to be effective.

Because if you donā€™t ever make any money, you have to go work retail. If you work retail, one day you will be asked one too many stupidā€¦

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