I wanted to let you know that I’ve started a new Facebook page for poets. Because I am a poet and a writer and because so many people have this “ewwww!” attitude towards poetry, I push aside the poetry side of myself a lot in order to concentrate on the “regular book’ writing. But I really am tired of doing that because as a poet at heart, everything poetry related interests me as well and if I don’t let people know then I am sure I miss out on tons of poetry info. So although I have a regular author page, I’ve started a poet page too and will be posting poetry related articles and advice etc on that one just like I do “regular writing” on my other page. I’ve already posted an interesting article I found today. All poets welcome to converge, contribute etc. I look forward to reading a lot more poetic info than I have in the past couple years from now on.

I also consider pictures and other similar artistic endeavors visual poetry so don’t count that out either.

My Facebook Poetry Page is:  https://www.facebook.com/poetkdrose?ref=hl.   The first article I’ve posted is about conceptual poetry. It’s a very interesting article. Take a gander. The Page looks like this:

Facebook Banner 1