So. Downtime. You know. That time when no matter how much you scream at yourself, you simply cannot write anything worth adding to your umpteenth novelpoemdippitydo.

In search of inspiration. Close-up of author lying in the heap of crumpled paper while sitting against grey background

I also have spoonie things thrown in there to boot. If you don’t know what a spoonie is, just google it. I was so much the down that my only tweet yesterday was thus:

“I have no spoons today. In fact I have negative spoons. If you see a lump on the side of the road it might be me.”

However, I did manage to do some other stuff. So as I start today, I at least have stuff ‘n things that I like in front of me.

  • I joined a “Learn Scrivener Fast” program.  I need it. I am a Scrivener drop out. I’d tell you I’m hanging my head right now but I can’t, my back is screwed up because old.  In fact, that is my reason for many things I don’t explain: because old. Anyway, I read over and over how Scrivener is the answer to Life itself for writers from so many writers that I read or have come to know online that I decided to give up giving up and do something about it. I mean I’m not stupid. So what is it about this program that makes me want to throw the whole computer out my front window? I don’t know but this Learn Scrivener Fast program, recommended by another writer, promises that soon I will be glad I have it. And that, my friends, is much better than an $$ program sitting unused on your desktop taunting you daily.
  • I came up with a few more lines for a poem that I am close to finishing and plan to submit to a decent journal. Contrary to what almost everyone else in the world thinks, poems do not just pop out full form, born whole like Athena.  I could literally spend a year on a poem but am trying to get out of that habit because death. That’s right; because old leads to because death. Eventually anyway. So you know, brain- how about firing a few more synapses with the writing. Thanks.
  • I joined Scribophile.  I’ve had such a good experience with one Facebook group that is so supportive that I want more. I also want critique that I can trust, and this group, also recommended by a writer seems like it will offer just that. Working writers have recommended it as well and it seems like a supportive critique frenzy so I am entering into the mix.
  • I started changing out my headers to ones that look more professional. When you are on lots of social media because some author god somewhere demands that we all have platforms, that’s a lot of headers. Soon they will all be up though.
  • I got rid of GoDaddy completely because I don’t want to talk about it. They sucked. End of story. Anyway, the deed is done.
  • I downloaded Evernote. I am hoping it turns out to be what dropbox and pocket and other ilk have not. Also recommended by a writer.
  • I will apparently have a lot of writer ass to kick if these things don’t work out.

Today will probably be another passive day. But that’s okay. I’m learning to go with the flow of my life. Besides, learning Scrivener is something I can do without doing. Here’s hoping my brain cells are up to it.