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I don’t always get caught up in information overload but at times I let myself because the info and the contacts are valuable resources. I’ve found that morning (my morning EST US) seems to be when everyone is at their springiest, postiest selves. So here’s what happened today and I hope you learn something new, just like I did. Not only that but I received some interesting retweets too. All in all, I found it a productive experience. I stumbled online, barely awake at 8 am and leapt off finally at 11:40 am, many emails still unread in the inbox, because, well, I have posts to write.

First, the glaring inbox. It’s like the branches of a tree. One interesting email and suddenly you are on 20 social media sites, soaking up information like a sponge, communicating with 20 other people and you haven’t even gotten to your second email. But oh, you’ve entered a Facebook thread from that first email and it’s a hot one—you know, one where people are actually talking and not spamming their works and the information is interesting to everyone there and lo and behold, everyone there is helpful, supportive, accomplished, interesting…and the list goes on.

That’s what I found today from a Facebook group I belong to called Women Writers, Women’s Books. It’s a closed group but you can be added with admin approval. I don’t know how I managed to join (social media binges are like the haze of long party nights when you’re young) but it’s a fantastic resource.  They are on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WWWBMagazine .

From there I learned that #mswl is a place on Twitter where agents post what they’re looking for in submissions. That led to http://manuscriptwishlist.com/ and holy crap what a motherload for writers! Mark down July 28 because thats when the site goes current again. Until then, agents are posting all the time on twitter using the #mswl hashtag. One thing I found really interesting is that those who actually have a big say on buying manuscripts don’t typically have that many twitter followers. I also learned about #PitMad which are pitch parties that agents attend and authors pitch their work. Haven’t tried it yet but supposed to be great. I learned these courtesy of Mary Lynne Gibbs. The #amwriting hashtag was also mentioned which I already knew but am putting it here because it’s one of those hashtags that are good for networking with other writers.

Then I ended up on Twitter after all that hashtag talk which was the universe coming full circle because the whole thread started from a question by an author on whether they should even bother with Twitter at all. Then I decided to try a hashtag I’d seen around a lot when I advertised my book.  You should know that this whole time I’d been spreading info from emails as I went through them too, which included blog posts and social media galore via my Facebook Author Page (which everyone is depressed about since they have no reach anymore) and Twitter, as well as sharing on Google+ and other sites when I thought appropriate. The point is, I share a lot of good info and intersperse it occasionally with ads for my books. Anyway, this time I used the hashtag #bookboost.  Then what do you know, suddenly my tweet was retweeted by a group actually called BookBoost  who have 20.7K followers. They promote indie authors. Who knew? Apparently a lot of people.

Next, I received an invite. I don’t usually pay attention to these but this one sounded interesting, especially to me because I recently wrote an article bemoaning when the next new really transforming tech would come out for social media which you can read here. The invite was from @hypedapp saying I was perfect for their new app. Checking it out, @hypedapp had 34.8K followers. Since the invite mentioned it was from Silicon Valley I was intrigued.  Here was the write up: “Imagine a trendy social network for ambitious, creative and vibrant Young Professionals! Now you can, with Hyped – the Biggest Professional Party on Earth. If you’re one of us, join us! Hyped disrupts the networking world by helping you make contacts with a simple swipe. We present you with nearby professionals and after you both swipe right, you are able to chat together and build a relationship.  If you swipe left, they will never know. So say goodbye to those nerve-wracking events and network at the palm of your hand. Make friends, share ideas, partner up, find a partner, or just browse.” I don’t know whether it’s the next big thing, but the idea is good, so you never know.

In the meantime, I’m in awe of the blog posts coming through. There are good and bad days for these, it’s always a toss up. Today an invaluable one came up that I had to spread. I noticed it was reblogged by another blogger who, unlike me, is pretty popular with many followers (I just started a new blog so it’s at the beginning of building an audience.) The post came from E. M. Biddulph and described and illustrated how to build a story arc. A contribution right on the nose for any author. You can read it here.

There was also a neat post from Writer’s Digest that is one of those simple yet informative posts that writers write so well and I can’t put out at all. I can’t seem to write the kind of simple but informative writing posts that many people find interesting. I take in information like a sponge, analyze it, sort it out in my head and then a month later write an article like the one I linked to above on Technology. That’s just how I work. So you see this post is full of links, all designed to help you if you’re interested. The Writer’s Digest article had a great link too- all about the appropriate word count depending on genre. Her article is here.

There were so many more that I don’t have time to go into. One article demonstrated the four ways to make an e-pub book. You don’t know how many times that’s been an issue for me- formatting the different ways e-books must be formatted. Another announced that BookBub, the advertising place that many writers swear by, would be having open question and answer sessions every week. Another announced that the Author’s Guild would be demanding a 50% royalty for authors of e-books.

I learned much this morning and hope you have too. I also made some wonderful writer contacts.

However, I got no writing done. Then life happens. Maybe that happens to you too.

Staying in the loop has never been so easy. And so hard.