So. It’s been pretty long since I showcased music on my blog or website. So long I don’t even have the same blog or website. So long that I was sick and never thought I’d even be on the internet again. But here I am. And music plays a big part in my life. It lifts me, it makes me think, it changes my mood-well you know. Whether its Isaac Mizrahi, Bob Dylan, Pharrell, or Taylor Swift, somebodies music touches somebody. You can bet on it.

Anyway, I used to find videos and music that I thought was awesome and sometimes genius and share it. I found and liked a few right before they got really, really big. That was always fun. Some of those were Imagine Dragons, AWOL Nation, and Ed Sheeran just right before he blew up because his “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”  in a closed session was genius. Then there were so many others who made like one genius video and I liked to showcase them. But all those posts and that blog is gone now. I have a few new ones still up my sleeve though. Just like I have a cache of artists of all stripes still up my sleeve, so if I stay healthy and unstressed enough, I am gonna present them somehow.

So here is one that I love. Enation is a band that has been around but get short shrift because they are led by Jonathan Jackson who is also a famous actor (now on the series Nashville). But they’ve been putting out CD’s for awhile now and there are some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard on some of them. Jackson’s has soaring vocals that literally sound angelic at times and you just can’t beat the depth of his passion in his songs. Jackson himself is often restrained but it’s in the music (when he’s not restrained he is totally in your face). If you have any doubt about their talent, look up their appearance on Ellen where they absolutely killed it. However, here I am putting up some quieter sessions Jackson did without the band, & with his brother on one of the pieces. So, this is the first of many musical posts (I hope). Enjoy.