It’s not just the Leslie Jamison’s who redefined the art of the essay or the Claudia Rankine’s who wrote the poetry book I still think I could write. They are new, popping out of the new writing oeuvre. No, its the Karl Ove Knausgaard’s and the Haruki Murakami’s who’ve *been* around and who I never heard of that make me want to slice open my brain and ask “what the hell is wrong with you?” And “why can’t you write just one masterful sentence, *just one*, that others would identify with??”

Yes, I wrote some masterful sentences. They are in the book I wrote that no one reads.

I want to write “Aha” sentences. Ones that more than 4 people can identify with. And I sure as hell want to know about the writers that *I* would find masterful, and read them.